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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Read the March issue of Consumer Reports Shop Smart Magazine for my latest feature on bad beauty deals. Lots of products out there can be a waste of money, or worse. For every beauty dilemma, there’s a product that’s claimed to solve it. But many don’t, and lots of us have been suckered into buying stuff that doesn’t work.

Want the real dish on Lash Growers sold at Sephora and Duane Read?
Did you know Brazilian Keratin Treatment is all about formaldehyde? Legend has it that a Brazilian realized that when formaldehyde was used to embalm the dead it also straightened the hair, which led to the BKT that's so popular today
Lip Plumpers don't work and nothing will eliminate a scar or firm your bust.

Read this and more at shopsmartmag.org.

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