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Monday, October 12, 2009

Defensive Driving Course Available Online Saves You Hundreds

Pay less for auto insurance and you’ll have more to spend on clothes, makeup and other fun stuff. If you’re not getting an easy 10% discount off your annual auto insurance rates because the required two-day defensive driving course is a time consuming hassle, here’s news: you can take a virtual defensive driving course online (I just completed mine, in between commercials during Mad Men, in my PJ’s).

Listen smarty pants, in addition to saving money, I bet even you can brush up on your driving skills.
For instance:
What’s the #1 cause of fatal crashes? A. Speeding. B. Drunk Driving. C. Failing to Maintain Lane Position.
Correct answer: C.
If you think you’re perfect at maintaining lane position when driving, you’re smarter than the 41,000 people who die in motor vehicle crashes each year.
True or False: Never take your eyes off the road?
Correct answer: False.
Rule for changing lanes safely: before you change lanes glance over your shoulder to check the blind areas to be certain no one is near the left or right-rear corners of your vehicle.

If you’re the world’s best know it all when it comes to driving, then just do it for the discount. The in-person or virtual course fee averages $49 and is good for three years. Save 15% at Idrivesafely.com; the site offers a defensive driving course for only $35.

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