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Monday, April 27, 2009

Quit Flushing

If you turn red when you’re trying to maintain your cool and you break out like a kid, you might have rosacea.

Characterized by redness, bumps and pimple-like blemishes, rosacea is a chronic beauty bummer. If you suspect you have rosacea or have tried traditional medications and lifestyle changes with little success, recently FDA approved oral Oracea ® (doxycycline, USP), seems extremely promising. "I often recommend my patients take Oracea® to help treat the signs and symptoms of rosacea," said Hilary Baldwin, MD, associate professor and vice chair, department of dermatology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

Available by prescription from dermatologists, Oracea® is unique because it doesn't cause bacterial resistance like long term antibiotics used to treat rosacea and it can reduce red bumps and pimples associated with the condition. With Oracea® on the job, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing many W.C Fields look-a-likes in the future. For more ways to tame rosacea, visit www.BestFaceForward.com/

Hmmm, if Oracea® works on rosacea induced pimples, maybe it’s an “off-label” cure for common acne?


Anonymous said...

you're right! i've been taking Oracea for about a year to treat acne. it's very effective as long as you take it at about the same time everyday.

julie said...

I just started taking it. Let's see how it goes! hoping it works

Natural Red Face Treatment said...

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