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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get Double the Mileage From Your Beauty Favorites

Use much less mascara: Curl your lashes first and you'll need to apply just a smidge of mascara to make them stand out. To do, using a traditional lash curler (Revlon and Maybelline sell under $5 versions at drugstore.com) firmly clamp curler pad on lashes mid way between tips and roots; squeeze curler for at least 30 seconds then release.

Stretch your foundation: Apply foundation with your fingers instead of sponge. Makeup tends to absorb into a cosmetic sponge so some goes to waste. Foundation also spreads easier and more evenly when applied with your fingers, which is why makeup artists recommend it.

Save on scent: Spot application ... spritzing fragrance on your neck, wrists, cleavage, etc ... can be overpowering. For subtler, all over scent, spritz fragrance once directly over your head, then close your eyes as the scent floats down and envelops you.

Everlasting nail file: Some experts claim that using a metal nail file can damage nails, but that's not true if you file gently and in one direction, not back and forth. A high tech metal file such as Diamancel Diamond Nail File ($28 at sephora.com) or the classic Diamond Deb Nail File ($3.99 at amazon.com) can last you a lifetime.

Cheapest/best makeup remover: Many experts, including NY dermatologist Heidi Waldorf, recommend Vaseline. You can't find a less expensive product, it's extremely gentle and it easily removes mascara.


Adina Gennn said...

Thanks Wendy, I'm going to try that tip to get the most out of my perfume!

Wendy Korn Heppt, NY said...

It really makes a difference ... you get more evenly scented using much less fragrance.

Mary Ellen Walsh said...

This is great Wendy! I LOVE the eyelash curler tip and getting more out of my fragrance is always a good thing.

Julie said...

I'm going to try applying foundation with my fingers - the sponge really does absorb so much of the makeup. Thanks!

Andrea Parker said...

I need to do more of this. I have been wasting too much stuff.

blinc eyelash curler said...

great tips wendy. thanks..

blinc eyelash curler

Hair Loss Remedies said...

This is a great post! I'd been thinking I needed to take the plunge and buy eye-makeup remover, now I won't bother. I'll bet the Vaseline will be 1/1000th of the price per use!

akmal said...

Great tips,i love it.Thank!!!

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Aliya Smith said...

Love this post! Thanks for these wonderful tips.