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Monday, June 30, 2008

Beauty News for Germo-phobes and Frequent Flyers

Hygienic and tote-able, single use products take the guesswork out of whether to carry-on (and risk confiscation of) your pricey beauty favorites on your next Jetblue flight. Of course the convenience costs more, but it might save you a bundle in the long run.

LancĂ´me’s Flash Bronzer Self-Tanning Face Petals: single-application self-tanning face petals deliver the perfect amount of light formula for a natural-looking.

Bloom Eye Makeup Remover Buds: single-use, soft, cotton-tipped swabs are each filled with a pre-measured amount of gentle, skin-conditioning eye makeup remover.

Heat Caps by Model Co: single use, 60-second, self-heating and exfoliating mask capsules designed to open pores and deeply cleanse. The clay formula instantly heats up on your face like a hot towel treatment, removing impurities and leaving your skin feeling soft and nourished with the calming properties of green tea extract.

SUNX® sunscreen features SPF 30 protection in a single-use pouch. Contains Aloe Vera Gel and Vitamin E. Active ingredients: Octyle Methoxycinnamate, Octyl Salicylate, Benzophenone-3.

Smooches Lip Quickies are a single use lipstick application that easily and conveniently replaces the bulk of a standard tube of color.

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